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We're Celebrating 20 in 2021.

gotomedia is almost old enough to get a Whiskey at the local Sushi Bar!

The year we took the leap to start gotomedia — just in time to witness the dot com crash and release our book on 9/11/01.
The number of digital products and websites we have launched in the last two decades. We specialize in Enterprise B2B Tech and Healthcare.
Qualitative UX research studies we have conducted remotely or in person — gathering insights and building better products along the way.
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News + Views

The Allied Box Factory — the original home of gotomedia
Reimagine, Rebirth: 
Kelly Pedro
Reinventing gotomedia 20-years after inception
March 11 2021
5 Minutes
Line drawing of Jeffrey Zeldman and Kelly Goto
A Conversation with Jeffrey Zeldman
Kelly Goto
Getting the web standards band back together
April 16, 2021
12 Minutes
Enterprise Redesign Sample Image
Build It
9-Steps to Website Planning
Jeff Link
Planning for your next redesign is not as simple as you might think
August 29, 2021
18 Minutes
The book that started it all

Web Redesign
That Works Turns 20.

This book started from a PDF that expanded with each client and project. When it was 68 pages, people from all over the world emailed Kelly to ask if it was OK to translate it into Spanish. And Italian. And Japanese. She realized it needed to become a book. 16 languages and 24 countries later, this book is still used as university curricula around the globe.
Kelly at her Mercer Island home
Wait, she's still around?

Kelly Goto — our fearless leader

Kelly's talks and thought leadership have enlightened more than half a million people in 25+ countries. Her accessible approach cuts through corporate clutter and has focused her speaking, workshops and training for clients such as Netflix, Twitter, ServiceNow, Hyundai, Cisco, Samsung, Citrix, Sony, Target, VMware and Blue Cross.

Kelly's latest mission?  Simplify the complex, and make digital products truly useful for all people regardless of age or ability.

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We've been busy...

Autonomous Car Experience

We partnered with a global automotive leader to create an AI driven, back seat experience in a concept self-driving car.

Interactive Enterprise Journeys

Our B2B Tech know-how continues to translate customer needs into pocket-sized journeys that are truly useful to the organization and grow over time.

Medical Device Research

Our healthcare and medical device focus keeps us HIPPA compliant and working to make people's lives healthier and easier to manage — regardless of condition, age or ability.

More stuff...

We like to geek out on UX design & research trends and aren't afraid to admit it...

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Then and now...

20 years ago, the dot com era and the twin towers were both about to crash simultaneously. Serendipitously, our book along with gotomedia emerged out of the ashes. The company was built upon fundamental principles which include working in a supportive, creating a culture of autonomy, creativity and quality outcomes. About giving talented people room to thrive and grow. To maintain independence and to "exceed expectations and take vacations" (i.e., work hard, play hard.)

Twenty years later, we're still shaping the industry one digital product (or website) at a time. We continue to merge research into the design process, adamantly so. Our team has new faces, but many of the OG (original crew) are still in the fold. Our mission is to balance work and life, with families and health as a huge priority. We could not have a better team — a family of sorts — to understand what drives us is to work collaboratively, have shared values and to continue to create a supportive, creative environment for our company (and team) to make a difference in this crazy world.

We continue to seek ways of promoting women and minority-owned small businesses and inclusive environments and pay it forward as we are able.

So many thanks ...

Our thanks to so many who have supported gotomedia and gotoresearch all these years. We cannot list them all, but they start with the passionate UXers and amazing clients and companies who continue to believe in the principles behind human centered design. Our clients have become friends, companies come and go, but the relationships continue.

Thank you gotomedians past and present, and the advisors, clients and contractors who have become part of our extended family! We have peaks and valleys and the last few years have taught us resilience, and to focus on shared values which include hard work, mutual respect and support.

What's next?

We continue to keep our team streamlined and focused on Enterprise UX, Healthcare with focus on accessible, universal and inclusive design practices. We also continue to create streamlined ways of handling UX research including new tools and outcomes.